Resources & Links

Recommended Reading:

  • "The AIDS Rebel"
    A report from Khayelitsha Township, where the beadwork studio is located, on South Africa's most prominent AIDS activist (from The New Yorker, May 03).

  • "Bread & Water"
    An article about some of our first projects in South Africa (Democracy & Education Magazine, Fall 03).

  • "Steering by the Stars"
    An excerpt from "Steering by the Stars," an excellent summation of the issues facing contemporary South Africans.

Links & Sponsors

  • Monkeybiz
    The beaded dolls featured on this site are handmade, one-of-a-kind creations by the artists of Monkeybiz.

  • Photos by Aspen Mays
    Some of the photos on this site were taken by a valued volunteer, Aspen Mays.

  • Blue On Blue Bed & Breakfast
    Our non-profit accommodation partner and headquarters for our Jungle Justice Trips.
    A collaborator on one of our first projects in Cape Town -- guerrilla artist Robbie Conal.

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