Artists gather at the Monkeybiz Wellness Clinic.

Wired Women working in their new studio.

Logo developed by Art Aids Art.

Partnerships with South African art collectives

To fulfill our mission of promoting sustainable economic development through the arts, Art Aids Art has established working relationships with several South African collectives.

Our first such collaboration involved Monkeybiz Bead Project, whose dramatic growth from a single artist to over 500 members in 5 years is proof of the supportive, empowering community they have created. Monkeybiz has opened an exemplary Wellness Clinic to provide nutrition and HIV/AIDS support for its members. Several of Art Aids Art’s projects have served participants at the Wellness Center.

Art Aids Art supports Philani Printing & Weaving Projects, two income-generating programs for women in Khayelitsha.  Philani runs a Nutrition Center/Child Care Program to which Art Aids Art has donated hundreds of books and teacher resources. 

Art Aids Art announces the founding of a Wired Women, collective of talented bead & wire artists from Lwandle.  As part of our mission to support underrepresented artists, Art Aids Art sponsored this group of women filled with talent, skills and ambition, but lacking a name, studio or marketing outlet.

With the help of a micro-business loan to provide tools and materials, and assistance in locating a safe, comfortable workspace, Wired Women began operations in the Lwandle Arts & Crafts Centre, near Cape Town, in August, 2006. Art Aids Art also assisted in the development of a name and logo, and has begun marketing Wired Women products.

The first item sold within days and a major order from Australia was shipped just weeks later.  Special thanks to Nadeem Davids, Art Aids Art's Public Relations Director in Cape Town, for his effective networking to make this possible. And congratulations to Nozabalise, Sindiswa, Nontando, Tembeka and Nomthandazo – the Wired Women! 

Visit to see their creations.

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