Beverly Heath and friends

The Boat is decorated, and windows and electricity are added.

Artists arrive to work in their new studio.

Artists working in bin.

The Boat: A Community Art Workspace

Introducing "The Boat," an art workspace donated by Art Aids Art to Monkeybiz Bead Project in Cape Town. 

The Story of The Boat

Background: "The Boat" in America
Fifteen years ago, several women met for the first time at the home of Beverly Heath (an Art Aids Art Board Member) to provide mutual support in response to their demanding lives and work in human service. Beverly's husband, Albert "Tootie" Heath, observed that the group was "like a heavy boat. They ride low in the water because they carry a lot, not only of information but of love, and they transport it." Ever since, the gathering has been known as "The Boat", which continues to provide a unique space of safety and regeneration for a powerful group of women.

Introducing “The Boat” in South Africa

In 2003, Beverly hosted the Happy Doll Sale, Art Aids Art's first event supporting the women of Monkeybiz Bead Project.  Through proceeds generated from the sale, Art Aids Aid funded the purchase of a studio where members of Monkeybiz create artwork that provides them with sustainable income. Located near Cape Town in Khayelitsha Township, the studio has been named “The Boat” to acknowledge its role as a place of safety and support for female artists, and their connection to a group of kindred sisters halfway around the globe.


Co-founder Mathapelo Ngaka at The Boat

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