Volunteers from Westridge School’s
Help Africa Club

Campus Chapters

In September, 2008, Art Aids Art will begin launching campus chapters at universities and high schools, engaging students as peer educators and building relationships between their schools and partner programs in South Africa. 

The campus chapter program is inspired by recent achievements by students at several schools:

On the campus of University of California Berkeley, student group "jericho! improv and sketch comedy" donated proceeds from their entire 2007-2008 season to Art Aids Art's eKhaya eKasi Community Center.  Special thanks to Art Aids Art volunteer Chris B. for making the connection.

Spearheaded by Art Aids Art volunteer Jeremiah F., students at the University of Hawaii organized a Battle of the Bands contest, casting votes by depositing coins in the ballot box of their favorite group.  Funds were donated to Art Aids Art. 

Inspired by a recent trip to South Africa, Jordan A. began the process of formalizing Art Aids Art's first college chapter at UC Berkeley.  Working with Sophie H., she hosted a successful beadwork sale to build student interest. 

On the campus of Mills College, Bethan L. and the Peace Club hosted a series of fundraiser bake sales to benefit Art Aids Art's programs in South Africa. 

At Westridge School, members of Help Africa, AIDS Awareness and Amnesty International clubs have been regular volunteers at Art Aids Art community events and invited our participation in several campus events.

For information about starting a chapter on your campus, email us at artaidsart@artaidsart.org.

Art Aids Art promotes education and sustainable economic development through the arts.
We support cross-cultural exchanges between Americans and South Africans.

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