Using teamwork to draw attention to our booth.


  • Host a House Party or Art Sale
    We invite individuals, community groups, schools and churches to host sales of South African art.  Profits are reinvested into our projects in Cape Town.
  • Start a Campus Chapter
    We work with students at colleges and high schools to educate their campuses about South African culture and the AIDS crisis, and build partnerships with our programs for women and children.

  • Come to Cape Town
    Combining travel, volunteerism & education, participating in our South African Jungle Justice projects changes lives & yours and those you meet!

  • Donate Books & Dolls
    Contribute to our ongoing collection of children's books and black dolls.

  • Buy Art Online at
    Where every consumer is a philanthropist, and every purchase is a gift. Our online store features beadwork, artisan jewelry & wearable art.

  • Volunteer
    We welcome volunteers, students and skilled professionals to become involved in our U.S.-based projects and events.

  • Action Opportunities
    You can make a difference without ever leaving your home.  See how you can take action! 
  • Donate Online - Sustain a center for 450 women & children

Art Aids Art promotes education and sustainable economic development through the arts.
We support cross-cultural exchanges between Americans and South Africans.

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