About Art Aids Art

Art Aids Art, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, promotes education and sustainable economic development through the arts.   Founded in 2003 by educators and human service professionals, Art Aids Art serves women and children through programs in impoverished townships surrounding Cape Town, South Africa.

With our U.S. office based in Altadena, California, Art Aids Art’s American activities focus on educating the public about South African culture and the HIV/AIDS crisis through presentations at community centers and private home gatherings.  Each year, the organization leads an intergenerational group of volunteers to Cape Town, home of our South African headquarters, to provide services through our own programs and in collaboration with participating South African organizations.

In addition, Art Aids Art stimulates economic opportunity for South African artist collectives, purchasing artwork at Fair Trade prices and exhibiting it in the United States.  Income from American art sales is reinvested into our projects in Cape Town.

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Art Aids Art promotes education and sustainable economic development through the arts.
We support cross-cultural exchanges between Americans and South Africans.

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